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It is being called the “silent tsunami” — rising food prices that are forcing more people around the world to go hungry. The skyrocketing prices on stables like rice, wheat, and corn have ignited riots around the globe. Experts relentlesspursuit.jpgsays that this crisis could push 100 million people into poverty. Cornell University economist CHRIS BARRETT and OxFam America policy director GAWAIN KRIPKE discuss what is causing this food crisis and what can be done to stop it. Listen to this show via Real Audio | mp3
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In her new book Relentless Pursuit: A Year in the Trenches With Teach for America, former Newsweek correspondent Donna Foote follows four fresh-out-of-college recruits in the Teach for America program working at one of Los Angeles’ most difficult schools. Foote talks with guest host Tracey Matisak. Listen to this show via Real Audio | mp3

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Psychologist Dan Gottlieb hosts the award-winning mental-health call-in show Voices in the Family, which airsmonroe.gif on Philadelphia’s WHYY-FM. Since a near-fatal auto accident in 1979, he’s been paralyzed from the chest down. Gottlieb has had nearly three decades to come to terms with the changed circumstances of his body — a body he fears may now be growing tired. And yet, he tells Terry Gross, he’s learned not to think antagonistically about that body. “I treat my body like a fragile lover,” Gottlieb says. And he’s deeply appreciative of the heroism with which it’s responded to his changed circumstances. He’s sad sometimes, he says, but by and large not afraid. “When I feel death nearby, I feel life nearby,” says Gottlieb. The awareness of the one fuels a heightened awareness of the other — and, Gottlieb says, that awareness is available to everyone, not just those dealing with illness.

With Great Power

A family wishes for years that they could do something to stop their neighbor’s shocking behavior. Suddenly they get the power to decisively change things forever…and they have to decide whether they will. This, and other stories of everyday people who get saddled with great power—and the great sense of responsibility that goes with it. More…

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