WORTH REPEATING: The Perma-Profits Of Perma-War

From Howie Klein’s Down With Tyranny:

“I think that the Republicans, from top to bottom, are genuinely trying to change America into Amerika with a ‘k.’ They want America to be a place where ordinary workers cannot organize, where everybodybushmickey.jpg tries to undercut everybody else in the labor market, and where the people in charge are the people who can best tap into war profiteering profits… These people want to change America and change it to make it something that Eisenhower warned us about half a century ago. They want everything in America to be under the control — and in the teeth — of the military-industrial complex.

“When I talk to Republicans in general these days, they’re very unhappy about the war. The problem is, they’re unhappy about the war because they don’t like to lose– and that’s just the wrong way of looking at it. They have become willing participants in a war that at this point is approaching imperialism. If they read in newspapers everyday that we were winning the war, they would be just as happy with the war as the characters in Orwell’s 1984 are happy with their endless war against some unnamed enemy that they can never clearly understand the purpose of. Republican voters have, in effect, collaborated in this effort despite their misgivings about the war and the primary reason why they’re not happy right now isn’t because the war is wrong or unjustifiable but because we’re not not winning.”

–Attorney ALAN GRAYSON, subject of a recent Vanity Fair piece on rampant fraud and illegal war profiteering in Iraq. Citing the Justice Department’s curious failure to prosecute a SINGLE case despite billions in missing or misappropriated war funds, Grayson has begun suing fraudulent war contractors on behalf of the American people. He is also running for Congress against shady Bush/Cheney rubberstamp Ric Heller in Florida’s 8th Congressional District, i.e. Orlando. Please go over to Blue America and take a look around. Blue America is a blogger-centric grassroots drive to “elect more and better Democrats.” To that end, they have endorsed a slate of quality, progressive candidates to run against the most odious and or vulnerable Republicans incumbents. No donation is too small. Do the right thing.

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