MONEY SHOT: Amy Winehouse Gobs Paparazzi


EDITOR’S NOTE: This may be the greatest celeb candid ever taken. It actually captures the loogie in mid-flight! Shades of Johnny Cash’s immortal middle finger! Seriously, give that guy a Pulitzer. And if anyone has earned the right to spit in the camera’s eye, it’s Miss Beehive 1965. God save Amy Winehouse. Please, God, we don’t ask for much.

RELATED: The troubled singer Amy Winehouse finally has something to look forward to after receiving six Grammy nominations this afternoon. Winehouse, who has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately, received the second-highest number of nominations for the highly regarded US music awards, behind the American rapper Kanye West. Winehouse, 24, was nominated in all four of the top categories: record and song of the year for her hit Rehab, album of the year for Back to Black, and best new artist. [via TIMES OF LONDON]

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