CAPTURING THE FRIEDBERGERS: Or, 13 Snappy Answers To 13 Silly Questions For The Fiery Furnaces

FIERY FURNACES 1979: Matthew Friedberger and his sister Darth Vader Eleanor PHAWKER: Have you ever been arrested? If so please explain. MATTHEW FREIDBERG: Well rested, mostly. A-rested, rarely. Explain what? PHAWKER: Never mind. Have you ever knowingly killed anyone? If so please explain. MF: I read in an email very much like this one that we were just killin’ it every night cross Europe. Maybe you can explain that. Knowingly? PHAWKER: What was the last book you read? MF: Too personal. PHAWKER: Wow, that must have been some book! Okay, last album purchased? Was it worth it? MF: Dizzy Gillespie […]

MONEY SHOT: Amy Winehouse Gobs Paparazzi

EDITOR’S NOTE: This may be the greatest celeb candid ever taken. It actually captures the loogie in mid-flight! Shades of Johnny Cash’s immortal middle finger! Seriously, give that guy a Pulitzer. And if anyone has earned the right to spit in the camera’s eye, it’s Miss Beehive 1965. God save Amy Winehouse. Please, God, we don’t ask for much. RELATED: The troubled singer Amy Winehouse finally has something to look forward to after receiving six Grammy nominations this afternoon. Winehouse, who has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately, received the second-highest number of nominations for the […]