R.O.C.K. IN THE 215: Trolleyvox Gets Props In NY Times

trolleyvoxpic.jpgTHE TROLLEYVOX

Folk-rock lives on in the Trolleyvox, an indie Philadelphia band with the chutzpah to release a double album: “Your Secret Safe/Luzerne” (Transit of Venus). “Luzerne” features the guitarist Andrew Chalfen and the singer Beth Filla, in quiet songs and fingerpicking guitar, while “Your Secret Safe” plugs in and adds a rhythm section. Making no secret of its respect for the Who and the Byrds, the full band puts brasher riffs behind clear-cut melodies and lyrics just circuitous enough to be worth untangling: “The anecdotal evidence/The deviance, the decadence/Mix up all the elements.” [via NEW YORK TIMES]

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