BY AMY Z. QUINN There’s a moderately entertaining Brazilian electro-pop band you’ve probably never heard of called CSS, which is short for Cansei de Ser Sexi. That’s Portuguese for “I got tired of being sexy,” a quote attributed to a Beyonce grown weary of her bootylicious image.

I’m thinking of this Tuesday night as I watch Elizabeth Kucinich, the leggy redhead whose husband (you may have heard) is running for president, being swarmed by cameras. She’s a few feet from me in the “Spin Alley” area set up in the student center at Drexel University after the Democratic debate, where campaign officials stand in front of placards bearing their candidates’ name and wait for reporters to show up for the post-game analysis. Dennis Kucinich, with the wife in tow, is the only actual candidate in the room, unless you count Gen. Wesley Clark, who dropped out early but now arrives sporting a grin and a Hillary button.

Anyway, Mrs. Kucinich is looking as if all the gawking is getting on her last nerve — maybe she saw “The Daily Show” Monday night and caught that “FLILF” segment. It’s not new that Mrs. Kucinich is a stone hottie with a tongue stud and hair that appears longer than her hubby is tall; she’s been on the campaign trail with the Ohio congressman for months now. But the latest rash of stories comparing and contrasting her hottitude vs. that of Jeri Thompson, also labeled a “trophy wife,” has made her far more a rock star than Barack Obama seems lately. MORE


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