HOT DOCUMENT: We Are Watching You


Hi, Mr. Valania,

As you probably know, a lot of the people from my journalism class you visited last Tuesday have pretty strong opinions about some of the things you said, particularly when you talked about journalism being a useless major.

Some students, and my professor, George Miller, disagree with what you said. On our class blog, he wrote that you were “Dead wrong.” and that journalists need to have a specific background they can only get by majoring in journalism.

I’m working on an article about what you said [for the Philadelphia Weekly], and I’ve talked to a lot of people in the field (including Joey Sweeney, Larry Mendte from CBS, and Ed Hille from the Inquirer, to name a few), and most disagree with what you said.

I was just wondering if I could possibly talk to you, in person or on the phone, sometime today or tomorrow about this, if you have any more comments. I would like to get your perspective for the article.

I can be reached anytime at the contact information listed below.


Morgan Zalot

Temple Journalism Student

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