HE SAID/SHE SAID: We Believe Anita Hill

WASHINGTON – Anita Hill, whose sexual harassment allegations against Clarence Thomas nearly derailedanita-hill3.gif his Supreme Court nomination 16 years ago, said Tuesday she stood by her account of his behavior, disputing Thomas’ assertion in a new book that the charges were politically motivated.

“I stand by my testimony” at a 1991 Senate Judiciary hearing on the nomination, Hill wrote in an Op Ed piece in The New York Times. “I will not stand by silently and allow him, in his anger, to reinvent me.” She said she believes the workplace environment is better now for women, but added that Thomas’ approach “is really so typical of people accused of wrongdoing. They trash their accusers.”

In his book, “My Grandfather’s Son,” Thomas says Hill, his former employee at the Education Department and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, was a mediocre employee who was used by political opponents to make claims she had been sexually harassed.

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