SWIFTBOATING 2008: Here Comes The (Somewhat) Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, Again


CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Several individuals and groups are organized in vocal opposition to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations, including:

*StopHerNow.com: This is both a Web site and an independent expenditure group dedicated to “rescuing America from the radical ideas of Hillary Clinton.” It includes cartoons called “The Hillary Show,” a “Jetsons”-like satire that portrays Clinton as a mean talk show host. The group is run and funded by Richard Collins in Dallas. Republican consultant Arthur Finkelstein founded the site and now is an adviser.


*Citizens United: This conservative organization is releasing a film this fall about Clinton that “aims to expose the truth about her conflicts in the past and her liberal plot for the future.” The chairman and president is David Bossie, who was the chief investigator for the House committee looking into the Whitewater scandal before he was fired. Dick Morris, the Clintons’ fired former consultant, is involved in the film.


*Robert Morrow: A self-employed securities trader who works from home in Austin, Texas, he describes himself as one of the nation’s premier experts on Hillary and Bill Clinton. Morrow regularly e-mails journalists and political activists with allegations of criminal activity by the couple. He said he has bought every book ever written about the Clintons, and he draws on them for the reams of information he e-mails to journalists and political activists detailing allegations of rape, sexual assault and physical violence, which Clinton’s campaign dismisses as baseless.

*HillCAP, The Hillary Clinton Accountability Project: This project is run by the United States Justice Foundation, a conservative legal group representing Peter Paul, who has filed a civil lawsuit against Hillary and Bill Clinton accusing them of fraud. Doug Cogan, a commercial real estate broker in Upland, Calif., serves as a researcher for Paul, a former Clinton fundraiser. [via CHICAGO TRIBUNE]

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