HOT GOSSIP: Owen Wilson Suicide Attempt?


Actor Owen Wilson was taken to a hospital in Santa Monica, Calif., Sunday, according to a story Drudge Report linked to on Sunday.

According to the report, Wilson was transported to St. John’s Hospital. Citing sources, The National Enquirer and Star magazine said the star of “Wedding Crashers” and “Starsky & Hutch” had cut his left wrist and taken an undetermined amount of pills.

He was found by a family member who called for help.

Santa Monica police confirmed only that the actor had been taken to a hospital, reported.

“On Sunday Aug. 26. 2007 at 12:10 pm officers from the Santa Monica Police Department responded to a medical assistance call from the Santa Monica Fire Department,” the police said in a news release. “The person was transported to a local hospital where they are being treated.”

According to “Entertainment Tonight,” Wilson was later brought to the Beverly Hills’ Cedars-Sinai Hospital where he detoxed. Anonymous sources said Wilson suffered from dehydration. The show also reported that brother Luke Wilson was spotted leaving Cedars-Sinai on Sunday night with their brother, Andrew. People magazine said Owen’s parents also visited. [via VARIETY & CBS NEWS]

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