INFANTICIDE: Abortion By Commode


Sometime overnight, a 20-year-old woman squatted over a toilet, gave birth to a girl and left the infant submerged in the commode for an undetermined duration, said Lt. Philip Riehl of the homicide unit.

“She gave birth to the child while seated on the toilet, but she did not immediately remove the child” from the toilet, Riehl said.

The woman’s grandmother called 911 shortly after 7 a.m., and the baby was declared dead at the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania at 7:20 a.m. The mother remained in stable condition there yesterday.

DAILY NEWS: It’s Gonna Take A LOT Of Courtesy Flushes To Rid The Stink Of This
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OTHER LOWLIGHTS IN LOCAL PARENTING: “Delaware State Police have identified the mother of the baby boy abandoned at the Christiana Hospital and are now searching for her. The note found with the tyke said his name was “John Vincent,” but apparently he’s really 11-month-old Michael Digirolamo, and his mother’s is 25-year-old Amy Giordano of Hightstown, NJ. If it turns out this girl is some crackhead who ditched her kid, then quick — somebody get Angelina Jolie on the wireless before she leaves New York! See if she and Brad have room for one more.” [AZQ]

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