NPR FOR THE DEAF: We Hear It Even When You Can’t

Listen to this story... Michael Hearst, a founder of the band One Ring Zero, put out his Songs for Ice Cream Trucks CD mostly for fun. But he’s been getting calls from ice-cream truck drivers who want to use them; the titles include “Where Do Ice Cream Trucks Go in the Winter,” “The Sprinkle Twinkle,” “Tones for Cones,” and “The Popsicle Parade.” Some of the instruments you’ll hear on the collection include glockenspiel, electronic chord organ, melodica and theremin.

Listen to this story... Gov. Rendell has suggested using revenue from the privatization of the Pennsylvania Turnpike to pay for the maintenance of the Commonwealth’s roads and bridges. We get an update from Inquirer reporter PAUL NUSSBAUM and then talk with Penn State professor JOHN MASON about what it takes to ensure a safe and reliable system of roadways.

daviddyenpr.jpgListen to this story...Alternating between carefree indie-rock and melancholy synth-pop, the North Carolina husband-and-wife duo The Rosebuds writes some of the year’s catchiest hooks and sing-along choruses. After forming The Rosebuds in 2001, Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp (as well as a slew of different drummers) released their debut album, The Rosebuds Make Out, in 2003. The disc was hailed by critics for its youthful energy and classic sense of pop melody. In 2005, Birds Make Good Neighbors saw The Rosebuds change gears and pursue a darker, artier sound, attracting critical praise in the process. On the new Night of the Furies, Howard and Crisp hit their stride. More musically and emotionally complex than either of its predecessors, the disc features some of the group’s strongest songwriting to date.

THE ROSEBUDS: Silence By The Lake?

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