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JESUS SHAVES: Entrance, First Unitarian, Last Night

BY SIMONE SECCI FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT No way that you can’t recognize the members of the Entrance Band into a room, first because last night at the first Unitarian there weren’t that many people also because they are the only ones that are dressed like we are in the 1970. And what happens when they start playing? You feel like we are in the 1970.

I have to say it’s not a bad thing at all because the incredible power of the guitar and voice of this really skinny, modern hippie — that I thought was vanished after a tour years ago with Devendra Banhart — really makes the difference with every single band that today is trying to make something close to real rock n’ roll. He is really, noisily, completely psychedelic blues-rock like Rory Gallagher, Ten Years After and Jimmy Hendrix resuscitated and jamming together on the same stage.

His voice hurts your ears when he stops the music and screams into the microphone, with all his lungs, his prayer for resuscitating the political-active rebel America that most of us consider more than gone. His bandmates do a really good job in the background especially a completely transformed Paz Lanchantin (formerly of A Perfect Circle and Zwan) who now looks like Joan Baez. But Entrance’s personality and his presence goes well beyond them. I haven’t been so impressed with a power trio since the day I saw Shellac on a stage 9 years ago, complete different scenario today but same incredible shock.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Simone is from Italy, and as such English is his second language. While he doesn’t always use it the “right” way, he usually gets where he wants to go. As a service to our English-speaking readers, we will run his reviews in larger type to simulate talking LOUD…AND…SLOWLY.


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