DEADLY: Fire In The Italian Market Kills ‘Sunday’

MISS FIDGET REPORTS: It was Lombardis Breadstore, on 9th off of Montrose, 935 S Ninth. One woman was found dead in the second floor front room. Some guys from, I think, Canulli’s tried to save her but the flames were too intense. Very sad. I took the photos from 2:34 to approx 3:15 pm today.

UPDATE: An intense fire in South Philadelphia’s Italian Market yesterday claimed the life of a 51-year-old woman, fire officials said. Firefighters entered the property and found the dead woman, identified by a family member as Domenica Lombardo. Known around the neighborhood as “Sunday” (the English translation of her first name), Lombardo very much loved her daughter, Debra, and her dog, Rocky, friends said.” [Inquirer]

GOOD NEWS: “A 35-year-old woman delivered a baby boy this morning in a car on the shoulder of I-95, authorities said.” [Inquirer]

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