PORT AUTHORITY: NJ/PA Dispute Over Who Pays For Dredging The Delaware FINALLY Settled — We Do

dredging_technique_schematic.pngED KASUBA REPORTS: Those close to the negotiations have said the agreement being announced involves Pennsylvania paying for the entire project as well as disposing of all the dredge spoils. Sources also have said a new environmental impact study will be conducted. The Port Authority Board did not meet for the past year and a half because of the dredging stalemate. The Board also commissioned a study to consider the possibility of light rail service along Delaware Avenue, ending up at the South Philadelphia sports complex.

KYW: Hey Jersey, This One’s On Us, Jerk-Ass!

PREVIOUSLY: “With the congestion at West Coast ports, the ship size restrictions of the Panama Canal and the growing importance of the Suez Canal, because of its ability to accommodate the giant ships coming on line, Philadelphia has the potential of being a major player in globalization.”

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