Q: When Will The Inquirer Pull Out Of Its Circulation Decline? A: When Pigs Fly Over 400 North Broad


CITIZEN MOM REPORTS: No you are not high — well, maybe you are but that doesn’t explain why pigs were flying over the Inquirer last night. You see, Inky Big Mahoff Brian P. Tierney commissioned the airborne pork ‘toon as part of a full frontal nyah-nyah-nyah over the paper’s recently posted circulation gain. The haters are still standing on tiptoe trying to get a peek at the End of Journalism As We Know It, but the Inky’s daily circulation was up 0.6 percent, or about 2,136 copies, over the last year. Think of it as the first bloom of spring after a long cold lonely winter. My spy (uhh, that’d be my hubby, who ran into him outside the building) reports that Tierney and a posse of ad folks stopped in at Westy’s for a drink while waiting for the sky to darken enough for the show to begin. The animation was done by Philly artist Ricardo Rivera at klip collective.

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