THE HORROR: What If You And Your Mom Killed Yourselves — And Nobody Noticed For A Year?

There wasn’t much of a mystery yesterday about how a retired police officer and his mother [NOT pictured] died. Thepsycho7.gif question was why nobody missed them for more than a year.Water Department workers, responding to a report of a leak, broke into the ivy-covered brick home on Bustleton Avenue at Larkspur Street, Somerton, after their knocks went unanswered, police said.

Inside, they found a ghastly scene of an apparent murder-suicide. The stench of dirty water that had soaked through the floor had mixed with the odor of death in the house.

A rotted body reportedly sat in a bedroom chair, a five-shot pistol nearby. Another body lay in the bed, police said.

The windows were shut and all the doors were locked, said police.

“They were completely decomposed skeletal remains,” Chief Inspector Scott Small told reporters yesterday.

DAILY NEWS: The Curse Of The Mommy

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