SHOOTING THE MESSENGER: DN Offers Dueling Mea Culpas & Self-Serving Justifications For Cho Cover

“We’d also like to think [NBC] had a profound reason to give this murderer just what he wanted, some sick moment of glory after his death. He knew he’d get it. He knew how our world of 24-hour newsdaily_cover.jpg works. Could any news organization resist such temptation?

The answer was on your TV and computer screens. And on the front page of yesterday’s Daily News. The photo of the man pointing his gun in the reader’s face was meant by the killer to elicit fear, and the depraved hope that those who saw it would have to contemplate what it might have been like to be a victim seconds before dying. A cheap thrill for him that today’s news machine was unable to avoid providing.

For all his posing, preening and ranting, this pathetic man with his guns and big talk couldn’t face the consequences of his actions. But he played us like a fiddle. Too bad we so eagerly danced to his sick tune.”


“But if this startling image can do one thing, maybe it’s this: to remind us that guns are real. Maybe seeing one close up, in all its frightening, disturbing, and sickening reality – held by a deranged killer – might succeed in jarring us out of our collective sleep and move us to finally get serious about better, common-sense controls over who can buy and own guns.”

DAILY NEWS: We Can Have Our Tarantino-esque Cover And Eat It, Too

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