Drudge Pimping Smerconish As Imus Replacement








This has Smerconish’s fingerprints all over it: A semi-blind item on Drudge with NOTHING to substantiate it but a link to the WPHT site, where there is NO mention of the Imus tryout. Thank god the Supreme Court legalized sodomy, because otherwise all the mutual analingus that goes on in the right-wing echo chamber could land these guys in the pokey. Either way, it would appear we called it first:

Does the Inquirer pay you by the word? Because if I was your editor I would tell you that re-printing your resume is NOT billable. And if you are going to shamelessly position yourself as a candidate for Imus’ replacement, don’t do it on the Editorial page.

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UPDATE: Dan Gross has a coupla quotes from Mr. Clean. And Attytood has the email that started it all — it was written by….wait for it…Michael Smerconish!

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