BREAKING: Coach’s Son To Be Arrested On Drugs & Weapons Charges

andyreid2.jpgOfficials tell Action News that police will hold a news conference today to detail the charges, and Britt Reid is expected to be arrested a short time later.

Police documents paint an ugly picture of the Reid boys as drug-crazed, reckless drivers, armed and dangerous. Authorities say Andy Reid’s eldest son, Garrett, admits he was high on heroin when he smashed into another car. Police say the 23-year-old blew the red light and plowed into a Ford Taurus.

A police report obtained by Action News indicates East Norriton police clocked him at close to 20 miles an hour over the speed limit and saw him weaving in and out of traffic. The officer tried to stop him, but lost him. A short time later, Reid collided with the other car.

When police looked in Reid’s SUV they saw the type of scale commonly used in drug trafficking under the rear bench seat, an ammunition container in the rear compartment and the butt of a handgun sticking out from under the driver’s seat. When they patted down Reid they found used hypodermic needles and a knife in his pocket.

Police say Reid seemed to be high.

They say he did not follow simple directions, appeared to be very calm and could not understand what was told to him. Sources close to the investigation say police did not arrest Reid at the scene because some of the drugs in the car were prescription drugs, others needed to undergo testing, and they recognized the gun as a BB gun.

However, police also say in two signed statements Reid acknowledged he used heroin that day and possessed drug paraphernalia.

Last week, only Action News was there when 21-year-old Britt Reid left his lawyer’s office.

Five hours before his brother’s accident, police say Britt was involved in a road rage incident at a West Conshohocken intersection. The other driver says Reid pointed a silver handgun at him, smiled and then drove off. That night police searched Reid’s room at his parents’ house and found a silver handgun that matches the description. They also found boxes of hollow tipped bullets. Police also searched the SUV that Britt was driving at the time. Inside, they found a shotgun and boxes of ammo.

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