HOT DOCUMENT: Inquirer Hires Mr. Clean

mr-clean.jpgTO: PHAWKER

FROM: Michael Smerconish

DATE: 2/6/07


I want you to be among the first to hear some personal/professional news.

I’ve just agreed to write a weekly column for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

No, hell has not frozen over. (Thank goodness for global warming or it might have.)

While I’ve had plenty to say about the Inquirer over the years, I have never denied that it IS the newspaper of record for Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The invitation for me to come aboard suggests that the Inquirer truly wishes to broaden the blend of opinion offered in its pages, which I think can only serve the readership well. I did not seek this affiliation, but I am looking forward to it. My first column will appear this coming Sunday in the Currents section of the newspaper.

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