PBR: Playoff Foreplay, How Much Do YOU Need?

BY PATRICK BERKERY Love these Nerf-ish Eagles profiles the local news roll outs during the playoffs. Dunno know about you, but nothing gets me ready for game day more than a reporter who knows nothing aboutsuperbowl-party-shirt.gif football hanging with player X and his trophy wife at some atrocity of a Toll Brothers home in south Jersey, while the rugrats zip around in toy Hummers in the background. Are you ready for some playoff football? This “On the Sidelines” report from Fox 29’s Michelle Williams is a little different. Watch as she “ooohs” and “aaahs” at long snapper/magician Jon Dorenbos’s card tricks over crab fries and Zimas at Chickie’s & Pete’s. The way she gets all dewy over Dorenbos’s bush league slight-of-hand makes you think the part-time magician had no trouble making Williams’ inhibitions disappear when the cameras stopped rolling, if you catch my drift. And I think you do. Can you say, `Backfield in motion?’ Of course you can.

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