HOT DOCUMENT: Stephen A. Smith Speaks Out ‘Quite Frankly’ On ESPN2 Cancellation, Buzz Dissinger, And Will He Or Won’t He Take One For The Team

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Subject: Re: Request For Comment
Date: January 12, 2007 4:55:17 PM EST

Yes, it’s true, and I support ESPN’s decision.
Doing a brand new show on ESPN2 was a tremendous challenge to begin with. I did my best, helped along by a tremendous staff, and I’m proud of what we accomplished.
I’ve learned a great deal. I’ve also learned there’s limits to what I can withstand in regards to my schedule. Now I move on to future challenges — while enthusiastically embracing old ones like writing for the Inquirer on a more frequent basis
I’m still here, baby! I’m not about to fade away :::)))
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FROM SIMON ON SPORTS: So I’m sitting here enjoying my fruit salad listening to the boisterous Stephen A. Smith on 1050 ESPN radio and there is some sad news. Less Stephen A. in my and your life. He announced on his radio show that his ESPN 2 nightly show Quite Frankly is over all done. Basically he expressed how he didn’t get the job done, aka get big numbers.
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