SMELLS LIKE JOURNALISM: Inky Rakes Pooper Scooper Thru Gaming Control Board’s Litterbox And Digs Up Some Good Shit

Former State Rep. Mark McNaughton, a longtime critic of gambling just appointed as a member of the state’s Gaming Control Board, has won thousands of dollars at casinos in recent years,mcnaugton.jpg according to tax returns obtained by The Inquirer.

McNaughton, other records indicate, also took several trips to an Atlantic City casino with a lobbyist who represents Boyd Gaming Corp., which until September was vying for one of Pennsylvania’s coveted slots licenses.

McNaughton, a five-term conservative Republican from Harrisburg, disclosed his winnings — about $15,500 between 2003 and last year — on federal income taxes but not on his state ethics forms, as required by law.

These revelations — from court records in a nasty divorce — come as the gaming board is conducting a background check on the former lawmaker who is set to take the $145,000-a-year seat by mid-January. It is unclear whether they would affect his appointment.

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