We Know It’s Only Rock N’ Roll But We Like It


CLOSING TIME: The Killers Have Left The Building, Electric Factory, December 16 evacartoon.jpg

EVA SAYS: I went to see Brandon Flowers and ended up in New Jersey. I tried my hardest to focus on the music, but couldn?t ignore the boob-jiggling, blond highlighted girls bouncing in front of me. And I couldn?t, as much as I tried, look past the frat boy, business jocks intermittently exchanging high-fives. So I can’t really tell you how the Killers performance was, but according to the rhythm-less fat dude awkwardly bending his knees next to me, ?the killers are good shit.? And I won?t deny that I surely thought so when Hot Fuss first came out. They were easy and fun to listen to when I didn’t want to think — like when I used to work at UO and Hot Fuss always seemed to be on and I never seemed to mind. But something about the crowd was bringing out the indie-rock elitist in me. Anyway, all I know is I was on my way out of the Electric Factory to find salvation in a cigarette when all the sudden someone hocks an effin? loogie on me from the balcony, which is totally reason enough to be a hater. But even more than hate, I left crestfallen to having realized far too late that it’s that not-having-to-think aspect of the Killers that has made theirs the music of the masses. D-

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