RADIO DAZE: WXPN To Hang The DJ? Also, Hear That Crunchin’? That’s The Sound Of Car Wheels On A Gravel Road At Appel Farms

lucinda.jpgAll you Volvo-clad latte-sippers in yer North Face fleeces who hung in there through the homestretch of the 885 Artists Countdown may have heard an advert for an open on-air position at the station, which made us wonder — is someone leaving? Negatory, says ‘XPN program director Bruce Warren, which comes as no small relief to us because really, we can hardly get out of bed these days without Michaela Majoun hoggin’ all the covers. Sike!

No, this is one of those rarest of creatures in these belt-tightening days: A brand spankin’ new position! So take note, all you would-be David Dyes out there. Jaysus, when they said the station made its last fundraising goal, they must not have been kidding. Warren isn’t giving specifics — yet — about what slot the new jock would fill, but keep your eyes on the Phawker for more details.

Another radio-centric morsel today concerns ‘XPN and one Lucinda Williams, alt-country goddess…. The Oct. 24th deeelux reissue of her 1998 classic, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (FYI, PHAWKER’S CHOICE FOR BEST OVERALL ALBUM OF THE ’90s), features a second disc, on which you’ll find the Lu’s entire live set from that summer’s XPN Singer Songwriter Weekend.

“It was one of those weird things,” Warren tells Phawker. “They were looking to find some cool stuff for the re-issue, and they came across a box that was just labeled ‘Car Wheels, XPN.'” So they rang up Warren, who put two and two together and figured out that the box contained the master recordings from that day. One thing led to another and yaddayaddayadda, you have the item that is now Number One on Mother Phawker‘s Crit’mas list.