BREAKING: Document Shredder Truck Spotted Outside Cheney’s House

VIA WONKETTE: shred-thumb.jpg

Spotted on 10/19, by an eagle-eyed Wonkette reader: The Mid-Atlantic Shredding Services truck making its way up to the Cheney compound at the Naval Observatory.Fun fact: Mid-Atlantic Shredding Services has been contracted by the Secret Service for our Executive Branch’s record-not-keeping needs.

The present contractor providing Pickup & Destruction of Sensitive Waste Material services is Mid Atlantic Shredding Services and the current rate is $0.095 cents per lbs.

You better get crackin’, Dick — that evidence won’t destroy itself!

Wonkette: Stop Him! He’s Getting Away! Very….Slowly

Phawker Wonders: All kidding aside, why isn’t the media descending on this man like The Birds, pecking some answers out of him. Hell, if we ran the Poli Sci desk at the Inky, we’d put the nearest Olsen on the next Acela to D.C. to knock on the Veep’s door and ask: Sir, with all due respect, we were just up in Philadelphia looking at Phawker and wondering why are you shredding documents right before the voters give the Dems sweeping subpoena powers? You are a public servant and there should be a public record of your actions, wouldn’t you agree? Of course he’s not going to answer, but MAKE HIM NOT ANSWER OUT LOUD, ON THE RECORD, AND FOR GOD SAKES LET EVERYONE KNOW HE IS HIDING SOMETHING. It’s your fuckin’ job! I can’t believe WE have to tell you this.