Hell Hath No Fury: Metro Fires Back

We knew damn well we were opening a whole new can of whup-ass with our Metro ass-clowning. And that’s fine, after all, if you’re gonna dish it out you better be willing to take it like a man, too. That’s how it works: you take your best shot, and then we take ours. So here it is — DUCK! — the Metro’s stinging rebuke:


Dear Phawker,

Glad you dug the Week that Was. I almost cut the healthcare answer to get the
Sweeney answer in, but it was too good.

We at Metro have long since surpassed the monkey stage…we are close to walking
upright by now.

Yes, we’re unable to invest three reporters into a 3-month investigative piece, but
I’d say we’re doing our part to get some interesting stories into the mainstream.

And, P.S., we have Mac g4s…they got rid of the typewriters at least a year ago.

Josh Cornfield
Metro Philadelphia

(And we’re not the SEPTA paper anymore, damnit.)

Oh, well, that wasn’t so bad. Trust us, it coulda been a lot worse.

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