PBR: Bolt-Throwing Gods of Hockey Angry, Smite Hitchcock; Whistling Past Smoking Hole In The Ice, Bobby Clarke Quits To Spend More Time With Fam

So the Flyers tried the old stealth firing, under cover of darkness and the Sabbath: Lower the boom on a Sunday morning just hours before a Birds game for minimum fallout. New Flyers Head Coach (former Phantoms coach John Stevens) and general manager (assistant G.M. Paul Holmgren) just magically appear in Voorhees on Monday. Not so fast Ed Snider and Peter Luukko. You’re living in the New Media age. You shouldbobby_clarke.jpg know Comcast SportsNet is going to halt the five-hour loop of SportsRise, get Michael Barkann, Neil Hartman and Al Morganti (guess the Erotic Caf? was closed) out of bed and down to the Wachovia Center to carry the press conference live at 10:00 am on a Sunday. You’re all part of the same damn company! So it was a stoic, bleary-eyed Bobby Clarke telling the media he was stepping down as Flyers general manager before he even had his second cup of coffee. Clarkie admitted he just didn’t have the fire anymore, and says his replacement, Paul Holmgren, was already doing a lot of the G.M.-type stuff for him. As for Hitch, well, he was nowhere to be found. Probably out spending the millions he reaped from that three-year contract extension the team just gave him during training camp.

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[Photo: Matt Kosoy]

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