EARLY WORD: Sangria And Santa Sangre At Molly’s

Molly’s Bookstore will host a film screening of Jodorowsky‘s classic Santa Sangre on Friday, September 14 to dedicate our new mosaic facade by Isaiah Zagar. Doors open at 7PM and the screening starts at 8PM. Admission is free. Donations and book purchases are encouraged. Join us for free sangria, refreshments and surprise special guest performances before and after the film. Molly’s Bookstore is a general interest new and used bookstore. It is located at 1010 S. 9th Street, in the heart of The Italian Market.

CINEMA: 1970’s Sleaze As 21st Century Kitsch

BY DAN BUSKIRK FILM CRITIC While the popular narrative cheers New York City’s revival in the 1990s, lovers of fringe cinema bemoan Times Square’s transformation from the sleazy world capital of grindhouse cinema into Disney-Come-To-Manhattan. Tonight’s Video Vault resurrects the Times Square our parents warned us about, the former glamour hub of the Big Apple, whose blinding lights were illuminating a semi-lawless open air market of unconventional sex, hard drugs and many other things not on sale in the suburban mall. These three exceptionally rare films tell the story of the street (affectionately called “The Deuce” by its denizens) from […]

CINEMA: The Hotness

THE HOTTEST STATE (2006, directed by Ethan Hawke, 117 minutes, U.S.) NO END IN SIGHT (2006, directed by Charles Ferguson, 102 minutes, U.S.) BY DAN BUSKIRK FILM CRITIC For a guy who has been acting in films for over 20 years, something about Ethan Hawke remains uneasy on the motion picture screen. The characters Hawke specializes in are often cocky, moping cads who suffer easily and whose angst-ridden intellect has not won themselves any inner peace. My feelings toward the men he portrays has inescapably bled over into my thoughts about the actor as well, sensing him strain for a […]

CINEMA: Whirling Hall Of Knives

THEM (2006, directed by Xavier Palud & David Moreau, 77 minutes, France) HALLOWEEN (2007, directed by Rob Zombie, 109 minutes, U.S.) BY DAN BUSKIRK FILM CRITIC In my gloriously misspent youth, I lived for a time in a tent and worked in a fish cannery in Petersburg, Alaska. One night a woman from our camp was cleaning the fish gutting machine when her hand became clamped in the conveyor belt and like a particularly nasty Chaplin gag she was dragged kicking and screaming across the slippery gutty floor all the way down the line towards “the header,” a blurry pair […]

DRAMA: Kathy Bates Is Not Ready For Her Close-Up

Philadelphia Theater Company announced Aug. 27 that Kathy Bates will not be appearing in the previously announced world premiere production of Terrence McNally’s drama Unusual Acts of Devotion. “On the recommendation of her doctor, Kathy Bates has regretfully had to withdraw from Unusual Acts of Devotion due to health reasons,” according to PTC. “Because the world premiere play was written specifically with Ms. Bates in mind, and because the re-casting of a new actress of equal caliber could not be achieved under the time constraints, Philadelphia Theatre Company has decided to postpone the play for a future season.” The Philadelphia […]

HOT GOSSIP: Owen Wilson Suicide Attempt?

Actor Owen Wilson was taken to a hospital in Santa Monica, Calif., Sunday, according to a story Drudge Report linked to on Sunday. According to the report, Wilson was transported to St. John’s Hospital. Citing sources, The National Enquirer and Star magazine said the star of “Wedding Crashers” and “Starsky & Hutch” had cut his left wrist and taken an undetermined amount of pills. He was found by a family member who called for help. Santa Monica police confirmed only that the actor had been taken to a hospital, TMZ.com reported. “On Sunday Aug. 26. 2007 at 12:10 pm officers […]


Todd Haynes’ speculative fiction/magical-thinking Dylan biopic, set for release November 21st. NEW YORK TIMES: Imagine you’re a film distributor, handling an experimental movie by one of the country’s most iconoclastic directors. The subject is an enigmatic occasional recluse who is being portrayed by four actors, an actress and a 13-year-old boy. Where do you open that film? If you’re very lucky, you get to book it at Film Forum, perhaps the most exclusive art-house cinema in Manhattan. Now what do you do with a movie that stars Cate Blanchett, Richard Gere, Christian Bale and Heath Ledger; whose subject is Bob […]

CINEMA: Bonnie & Clyde At 40

BY A.O. SCOTT OF THE NEW YORK TIMES The story of “Bonnie and Clyde” has been told so many times that it has acquired the patina of legend. It’s the kind of historical fable that circulates to explain how the world once was and how it came to be the way it is now: a morality tale in which the wild energies of youth defeat the stale certainties of age, and freedom triumphs over repression. I’m not talking about the adventures of the actual Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, who robbed and shot their way through Texas, Oklahoma and adjacent […]

CINEMA: Bergman, Antonioni, Apatow

BY DAN BUSKIRK FILM CRITIC SAN FRANCISCO — As Philly slowly melts into its mid August stew I slipped off this week to San Francisco, where it is a good twenty degrees cooler and I can lounge around in my sweater all week and entertain some thoughts other than, “Geez, it’s frigging hot today.” The plan was to relax and maybe file some wildly irrelevant pieces on the Pacific Film Archive’s Max Ophuls festival or Alpha video’s reissue of Jean Hersholt‘s Dr. Christian series. Instead, my ride to the airport arrived with the news of Swedish director Ingmar Bergman‘s death, […]

CINEMA: Sunshine Superman

SUNSHINE (2007, directed by Danny Boyle, 108 minutes, U.K.) BY DAN BUSKIRK FILM CRITIC It wasn’t long ago when the ecological horrors of ’70s sci-fi films like Mad Max or Soylent Green seemed quaint and naive, another relic of the era, like sideburns or double-knit pants. Films like the new space trip spectacular Sunshine are now one of the few beneficiaries of the fact that we are living in a time when a future of natural and unnatural calamity seems to be a real possibility. 28 Days Later director Danny Boyle refracts the dread of an imminent environmental disaster into […]