Houlon2BY JONATHAN HOULON FOLK MUSIC EDITOR Here come the Rodins!  There is a grand and awkward tradition of non-Anglos (especially the French) trying to imitate American and British pop sounds and sometimes even singing in English.  But the Rodins, in one of the greatest examples of reverse marketing since Gordon Sumner essayed an entire album on the lute, try something truly unique here:  Americans singing French pop in French!  As if that were not willfully obscure enough, on “Voyageur”, from the Rodins’ just-released self-titled EP, they recount the plight of the 19th Century French Canadian fur trapping trade.  No one can accuse these chats of playing to the charts. Rodin mastermind, Christophe(r) Malcarney (known in more sugary quarters as “The Colonel Montgomery Pie”), has wisely enlisted the crème de la crème of Philly musicians to assist on this project.  Legendary Big Messer Andy Bresnan blows tuba on “Voyageur” and Malcarney elsewhere calls upon Dorothy Haug (Nixon’s Head) and Camille Escobedo (Beretta 76) whose dulcet tones temper his own gruffer exhortations.  In addition to leading the late lamented Philadelphia Ukulele Orchestra, Malcarney was also responsible for a couple of Tom Waits tribute concerts called “Cabinet of Curiosities.”  Waits’ influence is felt deeply on “Voyageur” and, in general, in the off-beat charm of this project. I am especially smitten with their Ramones cover, “Je Veux Être Ton Petit Ami”, natch. You can check out their new EP HERE. Kool trash!