SH*T MY UNCLE SAYS: Smell Ya Later!



How marvelous it will be to have a President who actually serves a higher cause than his own naked self-interest. How wonderful it will be to have a President who doesn’t lie with every word he utters. How hopeful it will be to have a President who truly cares about the kind of world he’ll be leaving for our children and their children. How comforting it will be knowing that the nation is in SMUS-avatarthe hands of an intelligent, capable, informed, compassionate, decent human being brimming with dignity and integrity. No more pretending that the COVID19 and opioid pandemics–and our Russian enemy–are figments of the fake news media’s imagination. No more denying responsibility for everything. No more upside down Bibles and Christofascist cosplay photo ops. No more beating and gassing American citizens exercising their First Amendment rights. No more Oval Office talk of imposing martial law. No more sullying of the Constitution. Thank you, EIGHTY-ONE MILLION AMERICANS, for one of the greatest Christmas gifts ever given to the citizens of the United States of America. Our new President-elect may not be a panacea for all that ails this optimistically salvageable country, but he’s already one hell of an improvement on the guy who finished in second place and the incompetence, hatred, malice and division he has bequeathed us! — WILLIAM C. HENRY