SMUS: The Postman Always Cheats Twice



SMUS-avatarBY WILLIAM C. HENRY With a straight face and nary a hint of irony, the alleged President of the United States of America has declared that allowing “mail-in” balloting will turn November 3rd into the most corrupt, most fraudulent, most fixed, most discreditable, most rigged, most unfair election in the history of American democracy — unless, of course, you’d like to take advantage of voting that way in any one of the 26 states that have Republican governors.

Why? Because, according to the Racist-In-Chief, if you live in and wish to use the “mail-in” method of voting in a state that has a Republican governor, you don’t have to worry about a thing because they do a really great job of managing the “mail-in” voting process but if you happen to be desirous of using the “mail in” method of voting and you happen to live in and wish to vote that way in a state that has a Democrat governor, well, that would be cheating.

Sorry. I know that Trump’s adderall-addled word salads can be extremely hard to decipher at times. Allow me to clarify this matter for you: Trump hates the U.S. Postal Service because it’s a publicly run organization. He hates all publicly run organizations except the Republican Governors Association unless he feels that one or more of its members have dissed him. He is also scared to death that making voting more open, more accessible, and more convenient for ALL Americans, the Republican party will suffer significantly at the polls. To prevent that, he is determined to defund the U.S.P.S. to the point of incapacity and, if necessary, to destroy it altogether, period!

Did I mention that properly funding the U.S.P.S. is part of the latest DEMOCRAT proposed Coronavirus pandemic stimulus bill which the REPUBLICANS are refusing to consider? In other words, Trump and his trembling Republican congressional toadies are also willing to let you starve, lose your home, go bankrupt–or even die–in order to prevent mail-in voting. The goddamn stench wafting from this White House and right side of the isles in the Capitol building isn’t just sickening, it’s lethal! Incidentally, Mr. President and the rest of your Republican refuse, congratulations on your congratulating that virtually new Georgia Republican U.S. House member’s victory over respect, decency, truth, intelligence, reason, compassion and tolerance as well as her overall avoidance of being anything other than a large lump of dried dog shit.