INCOMING: Fargo Season 4 Teaser

SCREENRANT: Set in Kansas City, Missouri in 1950, Fargo’s newest escapade will follow two crime syndicates – one Italian and one African American – whose peace truce is wavering. Head of one of the families, Loy Cannon (Rock), relinquished his eldest son to the opposing side, and both groups find themselves thrust into exploitation, assimilation, and transgression. Infused with wisecracks and organized crime family antics, the teaser trailer for Fargo season 4 begins with Doctor Senator (Turman) stating, “In America, you’ve got to earn respect.” Teasing an action-packed season with dueling crime lords, Fargo season 4 could be one wild ride. Check out the trailer below: Originally, Fargo season 4 was slated to premiere in April of 2020. However, amid the entertainment industry shutdowns due to corona virus concerns, FX reveals only eight of the planned ten episodes are complete. Seemingly light on plot details, the trailer for Fargo season 4 doesn’t offer an official release date. MORE