REST IN POWER: Bryan Dilworth (1968-2020)


I don’t know how common knowledge this is, but countless times back in the ’90s, when some up-and-coming band that Bryan booked had been stiffed at the Khyber, he would wind up paying their meager guarantee out of his own pocket so they’d have enough gas money to make it to the next town/gig and live to rock another day. I remember sitting with him at the bar one night when some band I can’t remember the name of that we all liked but nobody in Philly had heard of/cared about was playing for the sound man, and Bryan, in his typical gruff-guy-with-a-heart-of-gold way, looked up at the ceiling and said “I’m not fuckin’ going to the ATM again!” And then he finished his whiskey and water, got up and walked across the street to the ATM. They say Heaven has the best people but Hell has the best bands. Well, that’s gonna change soon — heaven just got a helluva booking agent. Goodnight Mr. Dilworth, wherever you are. Our heartfelt condolences to all who loved him. — JONATHAN VALANIA

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