BEING THERE: Twin Peaks @ Union Transfer



Chicago rock stars Twin Peaks touched down in Philly this past Tuesday ready for another round of rowdy, jangly, good ol’ rock n’ roll at Union Transfer. The five-piece is touring on the heels of their latest album, Lookout Low, an album that shows signs of maturity in their songwriting yet retains the signature feel-good sounds that fans know and love them for.

Like the single track off the album, “Dance Through It,” fans jumped around the room in elation to classics like “My Boys,” “Walk To The One You Love” and “Butterfly.” Fans in the front row enjoyed an up-close and personal view of the band as the security barrier had been removed, snapping photos and swooning in between singing their hearts out. Songs written by Twin Peaks often depict coping with struggles like loneliness and heartbreak in both poetic and laid back fashions, yet their joyful melodies and playful stage presence time and again make their music an enjoyable, warm listen. It’s a well-balanced contrast that allows them to express themselves without being boxed into one thematic element.

The crowd raged on into the night as frontman Clay Frankel, bassist Jack Dolan and guitarist Cadien Lake James AKA “Tuna” shredded away. They encored with numerous more hits from Lookout Low, ending the night with the intense “Oh Mama.” In capturing the duality of emotions we can all relate to, life’s ups and downs, and injecting straightforward, good-hearted rock n’ roll, Twin Peaks again showed the crowd at Union Transfer what music is all about. — DYLAN LONG