BEING THERE: Skegss @ Boot & Saddle



Skegss is an Australian three-piece group that wants you to live your best life. If the band’s energetic and jangly garage rock doesn’t lift you up off your ass, their inspiring, anecdotal lyrics surely will. Frontman Ben Reed has it figured out: he can teach you things like getting out of bed in the morning on the track fittingly titled “Wake The Fuck Up,” or how to enjoy the present moment despite life’s complexities on the jangly anthem “My Face.” With just a quick glance at his bright-blond surfer hair and brighter smile, it’s easy to conclude he knows a thing or two about happy living.

Skeggs made their long-awaited appearance in Philly at the Boot & Saddle this past Saturday in front of a sold-out club. They’re the latest Aussie rockers to export the unbridled rock scene currently raging in the land down under in the wake of success of groups like the rambunctious Dune Rats and the charming duo Hockey Dad.

Mosh pits, spilled drinks and heaps of sweat inundated the room from the get-go and never stopped flowing as a chilly November night transformed into a steamy summer bash. The young crowd shouted popular tunes like “L.S.D.” and “Mustang” word for word, barely finding time to catch their breath in between each break. Cheerful surf rock tracks like “Paradise” and “Midnight Eyes” provided the perfect backdrop for countless crowd surfers with arms extended and eyes wide open, staring up at the ceiling with gleeful grins. To bring the festivities to a close, the group performed two of their new singles, “Up In The Clouds” and “Save It For The Weekend.” Still going strong all the way through, it was clear that saving it for the weekend was exactly was Philly did to welcome Skegss with a bang. — DYLAN LONG