INCOMING: Killing Me Softly With Her Song

Perhaps inspired by her musical therapist mother, introspective indie-rock thrush Kate Bollinger’s soft, yet distinctive voice has a lulling, dream-like effect. Her music radiates a certain sweetness and serenity which serves as a welcome balm in these nerve-shattering times. Her back catalog to date is a series of relaxed-fit singles that sound, at turns, beachy, psychedelic, and jazzy — sometimes at the same time. And she can sing a line like “You give me so much to be afraid of” (from “I Don’t Want To Lose,” see above) with indomitable placidity of a Zen master. On her 2017 debut EP, Key West, she was backed with subtlety and vibe by members of Philly’s The Extraordinaires, but it was Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney that hipped me to her. When I asked the hard-to-impress Mr. Carney what new bands he’s impressed with he name-checked Bollinger’s latest single, “Untitled,” which he characterized as “really good.” I would characterize it as gloriously chill, but that’s splitting hairs. — LARA MICKLE