TELEVISION: Last Night On It’s Always Sunny

The gang finds out that Philadelphia City Council has proposed a law to decriminalize public urination, but one councilwoman has vowed to vote it down. The gang likes the idea of being able to urinate publicly with impunity, so Dennis devises a plan for the guys to “obtain” the naysaying city councilwoman’s house keys and set all of her clocks back so she misses the public urination decriminalization bill vote. But then Dee arrives to ruin the fun. Turns out this is “Dee Day” and for the next 24 hours the gang must devote all of their time and attention to Dee and do whatever she says.The planned key heist quickly goes awry on account of Frank eating too many clams and Mac being… well Mac.

Meanwhile, back at Paddy’s, Dee forces Dennis and Charlie to perform a show which features all of the classically awful and stereotypical characters she’s created over the years. Dennis and Charlie are forced into a passionate kiss during Dee’s production and they are repulsed by the embrace. Charlie explains “I know we’re supposed to be cool with this because that’s where society is headed, but I’m not ready.” Mac and Frank are also supposed to be in Dee’s show, but once they find out that the script requires them to perform a massage parlor scene with a ‘happy ending’ Frank vomits his clams all over the stage.

Next up, Dee takes the gang bird watching, in a public park, and in honor of this outdoorsy event she has the guys dress up as crocodile wranglers. Furious with the gang’s failure to carry out his plan, Dennis takes it upon himself to make it all work on his own. For whatever reason, Dennis believes this plan involves him having sex with the councilwoman, but of course he fails miserably. However, Dee saves the day by slashing the Councilwoman’s tires causing her to miss the anti-urination vote. Mission accomplished! — LARA MICKLE