TELEVISION: Last Night On Always Sunny

Everybody’s a critic. In episode 2 of the new season, the gang gets recruited for a Hollywood studio focus group re: Thunder Gun 4: Maximum Cool, the latest installment in the notoriously sexist/racist/tasteless action movie franchise. Not surprisingly, the gang LOVES the Thunder Gun movies so they jump at the chance, but are quickly horrified to learn that the dreaded “Hollywood liberal elite” has eliminated all the sexism/racism/tastelessness — basically everything that the gang thinks makes the Thunder Gun movies great — in the name of political correctness. The gang is not having it. Mac demands foreign enemies, preferably, “Eastern European, a classically evil part of the world”. Dee hates the newly empowered female character in Thunder Gun, and misses the good old days when she would just “bed em, and dead em.” Frank longs for the good ole’ days when he could still jerk off in movie theaters. Dennis says, “Hollywood is completely out of touch now” and as per usual, Charlie is just all around lost. The last straw is the main character is no longer allowed to “hang dong” in this PC version. Again, the gang is not having it. Chanting “give me dong, or give me death” they organize an online troll campaign to bury the movie in negative reviews until the studio cries uncle and restores Thunder Gun to its prior politically incorrect glory, dong and all. — LARA MICKLE