TELEVISION: Last Night On It’s Always Sunny


The gang is back! SPOILER ALERT: nothing’s changed. Season 14 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia kicked off with the same old lovable crew of shitheels and their same old shitheel antics. Would you have it any other way really? In last night’s season-opener, titled “The Gang Gets Romantic,” Dennis and Mac devised a plan to set up a “meet cute,” as Mac referred to it, to lure in women for Dennis’ usual suspect behavior; while Dee assisted in the shenanigans by playing the role of a seductress, but as per usual only succeeds in scaring away her prey. Charlie and Frank took on a similar plotline but wound up with two hot heroin addicts. In the end Mac, Dennis, and Dee have tried enticing a husband and wife who were mourning their dead son. Upon this discovery, Dennis flips through the tracks on his boombox only to find he does not have a song befitting for the death of a child. Meanwhile Frank discovered a toe spoon (don’t ask), and he and Charlie wound up sleeping butt to butt with two yodeling strangers leading them to discover the true meaning of love. In the most cringe-worthy of ways, this all plays like a tacky, ’80s romantic comedy right down to “he had me at gash.” And it feels like home. — LARA MICKLE