NPR 4 THE DEAF: We Hear It Even When You Can’t

Office Space


FRESH AIR: You might not recognize the name of our guest Stephen Root, but chances are awfully good you’ve seen his work. He’s a character actor who’s appeared in nearly 800 TV episodes and a hundred movies and sometimes brief appearances, like one as a bank manager on “Seinfeld” or his short but memorable scenes as the sad sack office worker Milton in the film “Office Space.” He’s had several recurring roles in TV series over the years, including “The West Wing,” “NewsRadio” and “Justified.” After decades in acting, Root has earned his first Emmy nomination for his supporting role in the HBO series “Barry.” It’s about a veteran played by Bill Hader who, after returning home, becomes a hit man but is beginning to have second thoughts. The series has earned numerous other nominations, including one for best comedy series. MORE