SH*T MY UNCLE SAYS: The Imperial Wizard Prez



SMUSBY WILLIAM C. HENRY The Feces in Chief hosts a gathering of some 200 social media bigots at the nation’s house and America’s so-called “news” disseminators barely raise a whimper! Why? Because they’re too goddamn busy filling their headlines and newscasts with House Dem internecine warfare, divisions and discontent, mostly centered around Nancy Pelosi and the belligerence of a few fellow House members. You know what? I’ve changed my mind. I no longer give a shit–or even a teeny weeny iota–who the Democrats choose as their standard bearers. I’ll support financially and physically whoever they select so long as it will get this ungodly piece of diarrheal excrement out of the Oval Office! All I ask is that the Speaker and the bickerers take their goddamn silly–yes, that’s right, SILLY–arguments behind closed doors and stop airing them in public where the country’s apparently far from impartial news outlets and that scum-sucking, sleazebag president of ours can GLOAT about it!

Meanwhile back at American racism’s “Base” Camp Zero, our self-proclaimed Imperial Wizard declared that if the aforementioned House members (four women of color) don’t like it here they should go back to the crime infested countries from whence they came (never mind that three of them were, in fact, born in the good old USA) and then doubled-down on said fecal mouthed excretion with a number of equally racist twits following a backlash from leading Democrats (Republicans were too busy cleaning up burned cross residue) and nearly all of the country’s “legitimate” news outlets (excluding, of course, Fox News and the Washington Examiner).

And then President KKK tripled down. And then he sent his top female four-flusher, Kellyanne, out front to quadruple down. I think that earns you a complimentary plunger, Kellyanne. And apparently the plunger came in handy as even she needed to add another “flush” to the Oval Orifice toilet. So there you are. It’s the same old sewer system there at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The only things that change are the viscosity, the rate of flow, and the machinations of the administration rats that feed off of and flourish within it. Butt wait! And then he flew off on a magic taxpayer-funded toilet ride to a Nuremburg-themed rally of the faithless where he willfully wallowed in the mud of an ever-intensifying chant of “send her back, send her back”! Hey, hey, Donnie J., how many “non-white” Americans showed up for your little cross burning stage play?