Strand of Oaks (Timothy Showalter) returns with his 6th album, Eraserland, released today via label Dead Oceans. On Eraserland, Showalter is backed by My Morning Jacket members Carl Broemel, Bo Koster, Patrick Hallahan and Tom Blankenship, who played a crucial role in the making of the album. The album also features Jason Isbell. It was produced by Kevin Ratterman and recorded at La La Land Studios in Louisville, KY. Showalter and the MMJ guys are in the midst of a North American tour that stops at Union Transfer on Friday May 10th.

“I’ve tried ever since Strand of Oaks started to properly write or express my love for my wife and best friend Sue. We’ve grown up together and without a doubt you would have never heard of me if it wasn’t for Sue. She worked two jobs at the beginning of Oaks just to make sure I could get plane tickets to some tour I would inevitably lose money on and for six records she was the first to ever hear any song I’ve ever written. In a way everything that I’ve written is a love song for her. I was a lonely and aimless kid when we first met and it was her unconditional support that gave me the courage to pursue this dream. But Keys is a song about the future and realizing with more years the aspects of life that truly matter and what seems so important in the moment just slips into dust. If you listen to the second chorus you will hear the best and only take we could find where both me and my producer Kevin could get through without tears. ‘I’ll buy us a trailer down in the Keys,’ may be the most honest and true realization I’ve ever expressed to my love. I truly hope anyone listening is loved by someone like I have.” — TIM SHOWALTER