Hundreds Gather At Thomas Paine Plaza To Protest Trump’s Firing Of Jeff Sessions, Move On Mueller

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Hundreds of Philadelphians gathered at Thomas Paine’s Plaza on Thursday night, in solidarity with thousands across the nation who were staging rallies in their cities and towns, to oppose the forced resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the appointment of Matt Whitaker as acting AG. Whitaker, who openly shit-talked Mueller investigation on Fox News, is now taking charge of the Department of Justice and with it the Mueller investigation. Everyone from Millenials to Baby Boomers were in attendance, with some folks rocking signs that said things like YOU CAN’T FIRE THE TRUTH and PROTECT MUELLER, PROTECT THE TRUTH. District Attorney Larry Krasner and other speakers at the rally demanded that Whitaker recuse himself and urged the participants to get more active in elections and protests against the current administration. Micah Sims of Common Cause Pennsylvania, who spoke at the rally, told Phawker this administration will do whatever it needs to do to protect itself so everyone needs to “stay woke.” “Call your U.S. senator tomorrow and tell them to protect the Mueller investigation,” he urged. — HENRY SAVAGE