Win Tix To See Death Cab For Cutie @ The Tower



Death Cab For Cutie are the consolation prize for people like you and me. We may not get to be Ken or Barbie, the quarterback or the homecoming queen, or for that matter CEO or Taylor Swift, but we do get some damn pretty music to help us lick our wounds and accept our status as the runner-up in our own lives. Ordinarily, we’d leave it at that and move on with the low expectations business of being beta. But we have it on good authority that EVERYONE in this country who isn’t an a**hole could use some cheering up right about now which is why we are offering a pair of free tickets to see DCFC at the Tower Theater tomorrow night (Wed. October 10th). Those tix will go to the 47th Phawker reader to email us at with the correct answer to the following DCFC trivial question: What is the origin of the Death Cab’s curious name? Hint: it is the name of a song by another band. What is the name of that band? Put the words WE HAVE THE FACTS AND WE ARE VOTING HELLS NO! in the subject line and include your full name as it appears on your photo ID along with a mobile number for confirmation. NOTE: To qualify to win, you must be signed up for our mailing list (see right, below the masthead). Trust us, this is something you want to do. In addition to breaking news alerts and Phawker updates, you also get advanced warning about groovy concert ticket giveaways and other free swag opportunities like this one! Good luck and godspeed!