Meanwhile Back At Our Long National Nightmare


BY WILLIAM C. HENRY Why is it that the nation’s news anchors/commentators and assorted political pundits don’t seem to possess the journalistic honesty, intestinal fortitude and/or linguistic accuracy to properly tag Trump as “America’s Electoral College President” or, say, “America’s non-popularly elected President” or, maybe, SMUS“America’s red states’ President” or, how about, “America’s white malcontents’ President” or, even, “America’s lesser-educated citizens’ President”? Why no verbal asterisk for the illegitimate Mr. Trump? I mean, after all, he LOST the popular/one-man-one-vote Presidential election by some 3 MILLION VOTES … that’s MILLIONS with a capital “M,” folks! I certainly don’t think these are altogether foolish questions. The outcome could hardly be termed as having been “by a razor-thin margin.” Since when should voters in Kentucky be deemed more consequential than those in Oregon? The entire sordid Electoral College abomination is nothing less than a rigid middle digit up the rectum of “voting equality” in this so-called “democracy” of ours. It is an indisputable fact that America has never before had a presidential election decided so un-democratically. Never.

Silly intro? Pretty much. At least in so far as it ever happening. Courage in the news dissemination business these days is in very short supply when it comes to properly describing this White House usurper. But enough of the repugnant election/legitimacy factors that attach to the ascendancy of this Oval Office sham. Let’s concentrate on what, from a purely factual standpoint — in direct contrast to Donnie’s trumped up purely imaginary one — are some of the illicit Mr. Trump’s most incontestably disgusting character attributes (and damn well ought to be some of every American’s most concerning).

1) The Donald’s fear-bred and/or self-interest motivated endeavors to personally say little or nothing the least bit critical about the dictator/butcher of Russia, one Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. For Christ’s sake, he fired his Secretary of State (and LIED about the timing and reason for doing so) the day after Tillerson expressed support for Britain’s Prime Minister having condemned Russia/Putin as being responsible for the poisoning of a turncoat former Russian spy and his daughter on English soil! Not enough for you? How ’bout the Trumpster phoned Putin and CONGRATULATED him following Vlad’s recent overwhelming victory margin in Russia’s “fair, honest and open” presidential election! Shirley you catch the derision!

2) Donnie’s abject incompetency and/or inbred malevolence when it comes to selecting, vetting, appointing and retaining competent, qualified individuals to and in positions of counsel and administration. No administration in modern history has seen the kind of turnover the Trump administration has experienced. None. Hell, you’d need an web-based scorecard subscription to keep up with it! But don’t waste your time trying to obtain one. Neither the major TV networks nor the government printing office has sufficient personnel or the kind of up-to-date equipment necessary to dispense scorecards fast enough to keep you current!

3) His inherent predilection to blatantly lie, obfuscate, mislead and/or create his own set of fake facts with respect to anything truthful that might reflect poorly upon his make-believe self or his bogus, infantile, contrived concept of reality. Put in the simplest of terms, Donnie Boy is a filthy, contemptible, unscrupulous LIAR, period! Perhaps the greatest abhorrence of all is that Trump’s equally Pisces-brained supporters and toadying administration gurglers continue to swallow his imbecility and sociopathic pathological lying hook, line and sinker while His Heinousness just keeps luring them in with his artificial bait!

4) His literally poisonous opinions and official actions relevant to anything and everything environmental. Here’s a few little factoids for all you white, male, working class, disaffected, red-staters — and I’d invite you to check this out, but I realize that “research” is probably a wee bit above your pay grade, if you get my drift: the sole purposes, intent and MANDATE of the Environmental Protection Agency is to “protect” human health and the environment from pollution, PERIOD! It is NOT — contrary to what Trump and his ethically bankrupt, tax money squandering, climate-science-denying, shover of his middle finger up the ass of the nation’s clean air, clean water, non-polluted pristine public (and private) lands creation , detoxification and preservation.

5) Trumps recalcitrant unwillingness to accept responsibility for anything. Whatever it is, it’s always something or someone else’s fault. It’s Hillary’s fault. It’s Bill’s fault. It’s Obama’s fault. It’s George W. Bush’s fault. It’s the Democrats’ fault. It’s the Senate’s fault. It’s NATO’s fault. It’s Mexico’s fault. In fact, from Donnie’s point of view, there are only two people on the entire planet whose fault it will NEVER be: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s and Donald J. Trump’s! And, if you EVER try to pin the blame on either one of them, the former will kill you, and the latter will bully and/or litigate you to death!

6) His 60 BILLION additional dollar$ … that’s BILLION$ with a capital “B,” folks, for bombs and the means to deliver them — not to mention building that ludicrous border wall which Donnie promised on at least 100 occasions would be paid for by MEXICO — while disbursing little more than hot anus air on some of the most antiquated, most severely deteriorated, most extremely dangerous, public infrastructure on the face of the planet. Any questions?!

7) His absolute, total, unmitigated, CORRUPTION! He is a cheat, a fraud, and a deadbeat. He has never been a “legitimate, successful, businessman.” That always was, and still is, little more than self-aggrandizement aka cover-up for the Thief In Chief’s innate, lifelong, swindling and chiseling. You’d need an entire tome to properly list and describe the deceit, duplicity and immorality of this total phony and fraud. From no fewer than 4 bankruptcies, to welching on contracts, to the stiffing of contractors, to a failure to release his tax returns, to nepotism, to profiting from the power of the Presidency — and the list goes on and on and on and on — there has never ever been a more personally and professionally totally CORRUPT piece of excrement to inhabit the White House and Oval Office in the nation’s history!

8) The fact that tweeting and verbally spewing out hatred and recrimination appear to be the sole means and ways this Twit-terer In Chief is capable of communicating with the American people and his “base” in particular. In fact, with respect to his supporters, it’s likely that these are the ONLY forms of communication with which BOTH he and said fans can communicate understandably with one another: small words, short sentences, insinuation, innuendo and aspersion along with the ever present big lie(s) easily swallowed by the indolent, the uninformed, and the easily duped.

Post Script: I swear to their “one and only and perfect” God, is there anything more un-American or un-Christian than uber-hypocritical, sin-embracing, selfish, bigoted, angry, envious, under-educated, uninformed, bleached linen clad, money-grubbing (with these folks, the camel grows slimmer and the needle’s eye larger every day), alabaster-hued, conservative, evangelical CHRISTIANS (and, yes, I recognize that these folks don’t represent the only voting block of moral miscreants relevant to the theme of this “gray paper,” but they are by far the most offensive)?! The entire world knows that Trump is an inveterate liar, a cheat, a fraud, and a blatant habitual adulterer, and yet these ad nauseam-ly hypocritical bible spewing degenerates refuse to abandon or decry him. Why? Because, by God, he’s THEIR “all of the above!” The colossal hypocrisy emanating from these phony, pretentious, sanctimonious, holier-than-thous, has the reek of an aged, stagnant, undrained swamp. Oh, that’s right, that’s precisely what their holy water-shed encompasses! Makes you wonder if and when the Son first flipped over in his tomb!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Fed up early stage septuagenarian who has actually been most of there and done most of that. Born and raised in the picturesque Pocono Mountains. Quite well educated. Very lucky to have been born into a well-schooled and somewhat prosperous family. Long divorced. One beautiful, brilliant daughter. Two far above average grandsons. Semi-retired (how does anyone manage to do it completely these days?) and fully-tired of bullshit. Uncle of the Editor-In-Chief.