Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Down

It’s been 12 years since CYHSY first blazed across the night sky of the blogosphere, leaving behind of phosphorous tail of spent Pitchfork hype and Brooklyn hipster cache and exactly one great debut writ incandescent by those twinkling gyroscopic guitars, martial drum thwackery, hooky bass thrum and Alec Ounsworth’s slurry adenoidal yelp. An ill-conceived follow-up and a protracted hiatus, not to mention various side projects and an Alex Ounsworth, along with the inevitable passage of time and the eventual departure of everyone but Ounsworth and drummer Sean Greenhalgh, has let much of the air out of the CYHSY balloon. But judging from this, CYHSY has found its third wind. From The Tourist, out now. They play Johnny Brenda’s on March 2nd. Let the wild rumpus begin!