INCOMING: A Taste Of David Lynch: The Art Life

EMPIRE ONLINE: The product of four years’ work and more than 20 interviews with the man himself, David Lynch: The Art Life is an origin story, therapy session and celebration of the formative years of David Lynch. It’s making its bow at the Venice Film Festival this weekend, in advance of a date at the BFI London Film Festival, and has an exclusive new clip to share with Empire readers. This candid footage charts a young Lynch’s traumatic move from the serenity of Boise, Idaho to Alexandria, Virginia. He relates his sense of dislocation, charting the same edgier, unsettled mood that courses through many of his movies. […] David Lynch: The Art Life premieres on Sunday, 4 September in Venice and at the LFF in October. Expect an unprecedented glimpse inside Lynch’s LA compound, a creative space where his music, art and films come together. MORE