LUNACY: Crypt Ring

The hit single from Resurgence Of Compulsion (Time Castle Recordings), the forthcoming cassette-only LP by Lunacy, solo project of Farout Fang-Tooth’s Nick Kulp. Roy Montgomery (Flying Saucer Attack, The Pin Group), who knows a thing or two about these kind of things, says:

“If the post-industrial musicians of the 1980s had stuck to their knitting machines it would have gone like this. Instead, others have had to tunnel their way back through grunge, Britpop and slick indie shoegaze to reconnect the circuits. This is the sound of someone pulling space back to earth. This is a sonic walk-through of landscapes that no longer exist. This is the drip of electronic water on memories of something deep in rooms without a view. Echoes of human activity resonating in the factory chapel, the walls and sentiments covered with moss.” — ROY MONTGOMERY, Fling Saucer Attack

Yeah, what he said. More deets HERE.